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Z-Gym Testimonials
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My goal was to increase my overall
strength, flexibility and endurance.
KP and the entire Z Gym Staff are
truly inspirational.  
Their attitude and training
techniques surpass any other fitness  
experts I’ve ever experienced.

The atmosphere is fun, positive
and life changing both
physically and mentally.

I’ve enjoyed my best seasons on the
LPGA after training at Z Gym!  

Thanks gang  for watching out for my
front and back side!

Wendy Ward

Wendy Ward
12-year LPGA

3-Time Solheim
Cup Team

Z Gym Client
Since 2001
My Story...

Personal Training
Looking Good and Feeling Great!
My Goal
Increase my overall strength and
flexibility, develop more lean
muscle and look better!

My Results
As a result of all the great training
I've received my golf swing is more
powerful.  I am stronger than ever
even the reigning Z Gym over-all
fitness champ....wow!

I enjoy the improved quality of my
life. Thanks Z Gym!

Kevin Sutherland

Kevin Sutherland
Golf Course

Z Gym Client
Since 2001
My Story...

Personal Training

Looking Good and Feeling Great!
Develop more lean muscle,
improve health issues and
lose the extra baby weight!

My Results
Shortly after my second baby my
membership! I had never worked out
before but the great staff at Z Gym
provided me with the support and
motivation I needed to realize my
goals.  Nearly  five years later, I have
continued to train the awesome Z Gym
pregnancy! Working out at Z Gym is a
part of my life and my husband is
thrilled with the results!
Thanks Z Gym!
Lisa Redaelli

Lisa Redaelli
Super Mom

Since 2003
My Story...

Pre/Post Natal Conditioning

Looking Good and Feeling Great!